HP 902 and 952 Firmware update

We were sad to learn this week that HP had released another round of firmware updates for printers using HP 902 and 952.  In these tough economic and personal time of our lives as almost everybody still trying to work and make a living a doing so at home, HP decides to release another firmware update to lock out aftermarket cartridges!!!


From the latest information we have received so far, this latest round of firmware update will allow aftermarket cartridges already installed in the printer to continue working.  However, when depleted and it is time to replace your cartridge, the printer will not recognize the next aftermarket cartridge.  If you run out of ink now during this lockdown and need cartridges, you are out of luck.  You have no choice but to buy an OEM cartridge.

As advised, when you bought your compatible cartridge, if you removed the automatic update on your printer you should be able to keep using your compatible cartridges when you run out of ink.

For instructions on how to remove the automatic update on your printer, please check out this video:

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